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Experienced and Respected Defense Attorney 

for over 30 years, Fighting for Your Freedom, Rights and Reputation 

Ohio Federal and State Criminal Charges 

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For over 30 years Craig Weintraub has aggressively fought for clients in courtrooms throughout Ohio in federal and state criminal and civil cases. His 30 years of trial experience has earned him a reputation as a very prepared, respected and tough trial attorney and negotiator. He has successfully defended thousands of clients including companies, celebrities, politicians, attorneys, doctors, nurses and business executives. If you want a tough negotiator and are trying to get out of criminal charges then call Craig Weintraub. 

  • Aggravated Murder Dismissed at Trial 

  • Seized $47,000 approx. in drug operation- Money returned

  • Aggravated Murder - Dismissed

  • Aggravated Murder-Dismissed

  • Felonious Assault- reduced to misdemeanor

  • Felonious Assault- Child Endangering- reduced to disorderly conduct

  • Drug Trafficking- F2- reduced to F5

  • Felonious Assault- Supplying another with Heroin- M1

  • Supplying Another with Heroin- dismissed

  • Federal Drug Trafficking- Client faced Mand. 10 years- 3.5 year sentence

  • Felonious Assault, Felony Domestic Violence- reduced to M1 Assault







 Federal Crimes 


Drug Conspiracy

Wire Fraud

Money Laundering

Bank Robbery

Distribution/Possession Child Pornography

Target Letters


Computer Crimes


Identity Theft

Child Pornography- Peer to Peer

Child Porn Images and Videos

    Felony Crimes


Rape/ Sex Crimes


Child Pornography

Drug Trafficking






Refused Field Sobriety

Tested over Limit

Was there a valid reason for the stop

Drug Crimes


Conspiracy with Intent to distrbute cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana.

Drug Trafficking

Drug Possession

Meth Labs



 Civil Litigation 

Financial Fraud

Breach of Contract

Personal Injuries from Accidents

Wow again thanks for everything. Yes the world needs more like you period. Didn’t you see how good you were that the jury was taking notes on you??? Wow. Just wanted to say Thank you and God bless and those arent even strong enough words. You are a man who is not afraid to fight and take on responsibilities that are not so popular. It means alot. Just Thank you and God bless you Craig Weintraub.





Dear Craig:

I cannot believe that you got my charges dismissed and you got my money back that the police took from me. You are the best, much respect and love from our family to you. 






Thank you for your compassion and guidance through such a difficult time period. I do not believe we have ever found an attorney that was so dedicated to our needs.
— Michelle


God Bless you for everything you did for me. Thank you so much for getting me out of jail and my case dismissed. R.L. 8-2-16

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