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Expert Legal Defense Services in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio 

Attorney Craig Weintraub - Almost 30 Years of High Quality Criminal Services 

"Mr. Weintraub takes his responsibilities very seriously and gets the results that his client's wanted when they hired him. "

Federal and State Crimes- Exceeding Expectations


When we take your case our strong committment to you is essential. We start with a free consultation, and will not allow you to talk to law enforcement unless we are with you. Expert handling of the media prevents clients from making statements that could jeopardize their case.Hard work and thoroughness will uncover vital evidence. Our role is to unearth evidence that creates doubts about the evidence since the Constitution requires the prosecutor to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt.


  • Drug Trafficking/Possession- Conspiracies

  • Healthcare Fraud- Overprescribing Patients 

  • Rape, Sexual Battery, Gross Sexual Imposition, Statutory Rape, Undercover Stings

  • Child Pornography- Distribution and Possession- Peer to Peer 

  • Computer Crimes- Stealing Identites and PINS

  • Domestic Violence- Assault- Violation of Protection Orders

  • Wire and Mail Fraud

  • Robbery, Burglary

  • Murder

  • Assault


  • Gun Charges - enhancements, CCW, Weapons Disability

  • Meth Labs, Marijuana Grow Houses

  • Target Letters

  • Judicial Release from Prison


Civil Litigation


The civil litigation practice focuses on personal injury, wrongful death and commercial disputes. With attorneys who have practiced law in these areas for almost 30 years, we provide the expertise, professionalism, and high quality legal services that clients expect from their legal counsel. 

Our office utilizes all resources and joins the best wrongful death lawyers in the State to represent family members for the loss of their loved ones.

Craig Weintraub has earned an excellent reputation in the legal community amongst judges, and opposing attorneys. He has also gained the respect of the insurance carriers, thus benefiting his clients with higher settlements for their cases.

Bank Accounts, Cash, Real Estate and Personal Property Seized

Asset forfeiture is an integral part of law enforcement in the United States. The federal asset forfeiture law is complicated and requires skilled legal counsel to timely challenge the seizure of your property and fight to have it returned. Craig Weintraub has almost 30 years of experience of involvement in seizures of assets and understands the legal issues to have a judge order the return of your property. 

Criminal Appeals


Craig Weintraub represents clients in appeals throughout the State of Ohio and in the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. He has successfully used the appellate law process to help many clients facing a miscarriage of justice.


Errors in trial courts can leave innocent people with long prison sentences. Filing an appeal my be the only way to protect your interests. Mr. Weintraub will identify any grounds for appeal and help you through the appellate process. He has won new trials for wrongfully convicted and have overturned improper decisions which has allowed clients a fair opportunity to protect their interests.

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