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Craig Weintraub has over 25 years experience as a federal and state criminal attorney. He has been interviewed by national and international reporters about his cases. He has also appeared numerous times on the Today Show on NBC and is often interviewed by Channels 3, 5 8 and 19. He is a very skilled and aggressive trial lawyer and has won many acquittals for clients who have been prosecuted for state and federal charges for financial crimes, murder, drug conspiracy, trafficking, weapons charges, bribery, corruption, mortgage fraud, thefts, robberies, DWI's,internet pornography, cyber crimes and sex offenses.

Mr. Weintraub has also obtained substantial settlements in numerous personal injury cases, motor vehicle accidents and stockbroker misconduct cases.

With over 25 years of legal experience in Northeast Ohio, Mr. Weintraub has an excellent reputation with judges, attorneys and law enforcement agents. His knowledge, experience and do-what-ever-it-takes attitude are invaluable to his clients navigating the Ohio legal system.

Recent Results for Our Clients

2013: State of Ohio v. Ariel Castro- Represented Ariel Castro. The highest profile criminal case in the world for 2013. A plea bargain spared him from a death sentence.

Mortgage Fraud: Clients faced a minimum of 10 years in prison for providing false information on loan applications and other material. Plea to probation. Client was a buyer of multiple houses where government claimed false information on loan applications - Client faced a minimum of 10 years in prison. Client received only 1 year probation.

State v. Chatmon- Not guilty of Aggravated Murder.

State v. McKenzie- Client charged with Attempted Murder and Felonious Assault with a gun- Charges Dismissed.

Federal Bank Robbery with a Firearm- Client faced 20 years in federal prison. Plea to 6 years.

Federal Drug Conspiracy- Multiple Kilos- Client faced 25 years in federal prison. Plea to only 46 months.

Federal Bank Fraud and Money Laundering- Client faced 15 years in federal prison and 18 months in state prison. Plea to only 30 months.

Federal Charges for Making Counterfeit Currency- Client faced 10 years in prison. Client received probation.

Federal Armed Career Criminal- Client faced life imprisonment. Plea to only 24 months.

May 2012 - "Not-Guilty" all counts for sexual assault in workplace.

January 2012- Significant reduction of sentence in federal court for identity theft. Case Sealed.

November 3, 2011 - Court of Appeals in Ohio - Reversal for multiple convictions of rape. Rape Case Conviction Reversal

October 12, 2011 - "Not-Guilty" for a client who faced life in prison on a sex charge. Sex Charge - Not-Guilty Verdict

April 1, 2011 - "Not-Guilty" - On 36 Charges for Mortgage Fraud - Cleveland Mortgage Fraud

November 2010 - Murder Conviction Overturned in Appeals Court. Murder Conviction Overturned

November 2010 - Cleveland Woman Found "Not-Guilty." Not-Guilty verdict

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